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Author Tammy Barley

God has sent me miracles as well—three young people still alive and improving, a mother who donated a kidney, His audible voice telling me to be a writer, an angel sent to visit and inspire me, Jesus appearing and holding my hand, an evening I spent in heaven.


So far it has been a life of contrasts—battles and beauty, heartfelt laughter between the struggles, sounds of my child waking from nightmares balanced with voices of an angel choir singing me to sleep.


God has given me much to write about. I pray you open each of my books to get-away-from-it-all adventure, unbridled laughter, new knowledge, and your faith uplifted on eagle’s wings.

~ TammyBarley

Each one of us is, to an extent, the sum of our unique experiences. These are a sprinkling of mine.


So far I’ve lived in twenty-six places, in eight different states. From the tough-to-weather climate of the upper Midwest, to adventurous history and horse country in Kentucky, to diamondesque sparkling beaches of Florida and California, and orange-blossom-fragrant spring breezes in Arizona.


I’ve ridden horseback through cactus deserts, lush forests, sandy beaches, for ten days across mountains of Arizona, and have enjoyed outings in the saddle of a former Thoroughbred racehorse.


I’ve enjoyed ballet, theater, ballroom dance, and waltzing unexpectedly down Hollywood Boulevard with a mime in a tux.

God has sent me challenges—years of abuse, surviving a major earthquake, near death by kidney failure, and being a single parent of three young people who’ve also survived abuse and each stared into the black eyes of suicide.

Author Tammy Barley
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