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Your own duties to perform.
You've made your own impact on history.

Now you can tell that story,
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The courageous families of our honored soldiers have "military" stories too. 

Create your own
military memoir.

400 Days
by Danette Hayes, Blue Star Families’ Director
of National Guard/Reserve Outreach

So impressed with the real-life wisdom and heart in this biography, the Adjutant General of Illinois has incorporated 400 Days into Yellow Ribbon Reintegration training for all military leaders/commanders.
400 Days by military spouse Dani G. Hayes
Escape from Berlin by Frank J. Zanca
Military Fly Moms:
Sharing Memories, Building Legacies, Inspiring Hope
by Linda Maloney, U.S. Navy Naval Flight Officer (NFO), Ret.
Military Fly Moms by Linda Maloney
Splashdown: The Rescue of a Navy Frogman
by John Wolfram, US Navy UDT/SEAL

​"That's one small step for (a) man,
one giant leap for mankind."

As seen on Fox News, CBS, and heard on more than 640 K-Love Radio station affiliates across the U.S.

"Her tenacity and perseverance reminded me of my BUD/S training. Hooyah, Tammy!"
Splashdown by John Wolfram
Military Fly Moms is a collection of the true stories of more than sixty women who shared the same two dreams—becoming a military aviator, and being a mom.

A coffee table book.

Escape from Berlin: The Diane Jacobs Story
by Frank J. Zanca
The year was 1936 when she first saw Adolf Hitler face to face. His attempt at genocide would ultimately lead to the destruction of a nation and bring about the greatest war the world had ever seen. Young Daisy Gronowski had little choice but to change her identity and leave her family behind, fleeing to England. This is the story of her long and dangerous journey to freedom.
(For the books above right, Tammy Barley provided planning, editorial, and/or ghostwriting assistance. These authors did not participate in the new Soldier Story Program.)
"This is our family's story from a civilian life to an active military life. Keeping the marriage and family together is the best defense in maintaining a strong military. Every family is unique as they begin this "new normal," learning to survive the deployment and aftermath of a life that is hardly recognizable anymore. As much as this is our story, it's also our rehabilitation back into civilian life, returning to a community that has little understanding of what faces the civilian soldier and their family."
“If I can’t be a soldier,
I’ll help soldiers.”
—Clara Barton
Books by Tammy Barley's Clients
UDT/SEAL John Wolfram, a member of the Navy's elite Special Forces and trained in spacecraft recovery, leaped from a Sea King helicopter into the waves of the Pacific Ocean to become the first person on Earth to greet astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins.

Despite a difficult childhood, plagued with crushing disappointments and multiple brushes with death, Wolfram dared to reach past his limit. His firsthand experiences are intricately woven into a fascinating period of America's history.
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