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Cowboy Lasso Techniques
The 19th Century Travelers
Living-History Events

Travel back in time to the 19th century!

Ever wished you could step back in time? Now you and your family, school, homeschool group, church, or organization can visit the 19th century United States via hands-on living-history activities and displays, in events presented by
historical romance & adventure author Tammy Barley
and her living-history group, The 19th Century Travelers!

Meet author Tammy Barley who, along with her living-history group, will wear 19th-century costumes with accessories of the era,
reminiscent of the ones her characters wear in
The Sierra Chronicles Trilogy.

Participate in living-history crafts and activities, such as:

  • cowboy lasso techniques
  • traditional Paiute basket weaving
  • cowboy leather braiding
  • touch real buffalo and other animal skins
  • learn how to braid a denim rag rug
  • weave a calico rag rug on a frame
  • make a dreamcatcher
  • have fun learning the origin of the cowboy—quite a chuckle that the activity’s backdrop is a miniature outhouse door
  • test your Civil War trivia knowledge
  • learn details about period clothing

and more

Purchase one of Ms. Barley's novels
or get your copy autographed!
(She typically donates a portion of proceeds to charity.)

Relaxed and entertaining, living-history events are perfect for:
  • Adult groups
  • Children's groups
  • Church festivals and new-member welcomes
  • Fund-raisers
  • Holidays (schedule a Victorian Christmas living-history event!)

If you live in northeastern Illinois or southeastern Wisconsin,
feel free to contact Ms. Barley:

  • for a free brochure (see tan column, right >)
  • to schedule an event at your location
  • with any questions you may have

via the Contact page.

Living the adventure begins when we meet, with this visual,
living-history journey back in time!
Paiute basket weaving
Animal skins and leather braiding
Ms. Barley
Tammy Barley
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