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Award-Winning Author,
Autobiography and Military-Memoir Coach
Bio Bistro™ Autobiography-Creation Program
Your life, your story, is unique.

You've overcome difficult challenges.

You've followed your dream,
despite the odds.

You've been touched by people who've made a difference in your life,
and you've made a difference for others
in return.

Now you can tell your story,
with the help of
award-winning author, book coach,
and biographer, Tammy Barley.

Whether you’re writing for yourself,
  your family, 
  your community, 
  or the world, 
Bio Bistro™ is here to help you
bring your story to life.
Create and self-publish
your autobiography using
one of three options.

1. Autobiography-Creation Workshop

Why start creating your story alone? Enjoy beginning it with a group of fellow autobiographers! Tammy Barley provides an exciting four-hour workshop with a world-travel motif, and shares everything you need to know to bring your autobiography manuscript to life

2. Interview and Ghostwrite

Don't write your book; be interviewed! As your personal ghostwriter, Tammy interviews you and then writes your book for you, based on your own words!

3. Book Coaching

Tammy works with you one-on-one, helping you plan how to tell your story. Then she inspires and encourages you as you keyboard or speak (and audio-record) your manuscript draft — even if you aren't a writer.

Also Available!

  • Transcription Service
  • Professional Manuscript Edit
  • Graphics Design, to Add Visual Elements to Your Pages
  • Captivating Custom Book-Cover Design
  • Coaching to Make Self-publishing a Snap!

For more information, 
Contact Tammy!

An interview and ghostwritten autobiography
makes a spectacular once-in-a-lifetime gift!
(For the above books, Tammy Barley provided planning, editorial, and/or ghostwriting assistance. These authors did not participate in the new
Bio Bistro Program.)
From Sorrow to Dancing:
The Recent Widow’s Handbook
by Marcy Kelly, Certified Life Coach,
B.A. in Psychology

From Sorrow to Dancing is recommended by Focus on the Family.
From Sorrow to Dancing 
portrays the emotions, thoughts, actions, and experiences of widows as they struggle through the aftermath of losing a spouse, and it addresses key situations where decisions can change life for the better.
It’s Okay to Be Scared—but Never Give Up:
A book of hope and inspiration for life
and business
by cancer survivors Jim Palmer and Martin Howey

Prepare to be motivated, inspired, more hopeful, and perhaps even transformed!

From Sorrow to Dancing
It’s Okay to Be Scared—but Never Give Up
Each of us faces challenges, some more severe—and fear-inducing—than others. The knowledge that you’re not alone can be a tremendous comfort. In addition, the stories of others who have persevered and overcome great odds can help you surmount—or avoid entirely—similar obstacles.
Playing Up: One Man's Rise from Public Housing to Public Service through Mentorship
by Vaughn L. McKoy, JD, MBA
attorney, businessman, motivational speaker

After being awarded a football scholarship to Rutgers University, Vaughn meets former alumnus, attorney, and business mogul Arthur M. Goldberg while lifting weights. For the next ten years, "Mr. G." weekly mentors Vaughn to pursue academic and professional success.

Belief has power. If you believe you can,
then you can.
An inner-city youth from Paterson "P-town" New Jersey, Vaughn becomes convinced life has more to offer than drugs, gangs, and prison. Throughout his school years, despite the lure of the streets and the shock and responsibility of becoming a teenage dad, he strives for athletic excellence, encouraged by coaches whose teachings are never solely about the game.
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